Engaging Chatbots

Use charp.io to create engaging automated chat bots to interact with your users. Create bots to provide information to your users and collect information back from them. Our bots can respond intelligently, depending on the query sent by the user. For example, if you are hiring, your bot can provide information or answer questions about pay, benefits, hours and job requirements. In addition, you can setup a text based questionnaire to automatically collect information directly from the job applicant.

No Technical Expertise Required

Build complex bots without any previous experience or technical knowledge. We use a simple form based system that allows you to build bots easily.

Awesome features

Our full featured bots allow you to build a complex bot with ease.

  • Deploy Your Bots Everywhere!

    Text, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Kik, Telegram, Whatsapp, your website…. Anywhere you want, you can deploy your bot. Create one bot that your users can access however they like.

  • Powerful Data Collection

    Collect data from your users and then easily view it and export it. For example, collect applicant information from job seekers and then export it in an CSV or Excel format. Run a poll and view all the responses.

  • Integrate with API’s

    Have an API? Integrate it with our bot. For example, allow your customers to check their order status via bot. Ask the user to provide their order ID – we pass the ID to your API, you pass back the order status and the bot informs your customer.

  • Simple to Use

    Our powerful bot building wizard allows you to build complex bots through a simple interface.

Switch Between Bot and Live Person

Want to provide a seamless customer service experience? Use a bot to greet your customer and handle basic tasks, but then seamlessly pass your customer to a live customer service agent for more complex issues.

Example Bots

1. Use a bot to onboard job applicant information – no more paper job applications
2. A bot to provide order updates to customers
3. A bot that allows a user to browse and shop your e-commerce website
4. A bot that provide information about a sale or special offer in your store
5. A bot that allows users to sign up for an email mailing list

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